Quorn Vegetarian Mince REVIEW

I've been a vegetarian for about five years now and during that time I haven't really tried many meat substitutes. After a little research, I decided that I wanted to try Quorn's Mince as it is now available at Woolworths and Coles in Australia. I found that there weren't many reviews out there regarding the product hence why I am writing this for anyone who may be interested.

The first ingredient in the 'mince' is Mycoprotein which makes up 94% of the product. What is Mycoprotein you ask? Well according to Quorn, Mycoprotein is "...a nutritious member of the fungi/mould family similar to that found in blue cheese." Sounds pretty appetising right? After reading this I was honestly preparing for my meal to turn out being a disaster.

Upon opening I found that the 'mince' looked almost identical to frozen cooked beef mince which is pretty impressive. I would describe the scent as hard shell corn tacos which was in no way a bad thing. I was going to be using the 'mince' as a base for burritos so I fried up some onions, and then added my 'mince' to the frying pan with some tomato paste as directed. I then added my spices and cooked for ten minutes.

I found that the 'mince' itself had no taste, it just absorbed the flavour of whatever it was being cooked with. The texture was similar to how I remember beef mince being maybe just a little softer. Although the softness may have been my fault as I did leave it on the heat for longer than 10 minutes. I think that this product would be perfect in a bolognaise or pasta sauce and I'm excited to try that next. It's unfortunate that the product is not vegan as it does contain eggs. But despite that small factor I was pleasantly surprised and may even purchase it again as it definitely adds more volume to a meal.  If you are a vegetarian or attempting to cut more meat out of your diet I recommend trying it out!

Price: $6.20 for 300g (Woolworths)
Ingredients: Mycoprotein (94%), rehydrated free range egg white, caramelised sugar, barley malt extract, acidity regulator (calcium acetate), firming agent (calcium chloride).

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