First Lush Kitchen Order - The Comforter Body Lotion Review

A couple of weeks ago the Lush Kitchen released The Comforter Body Lotion and since I'd been waiting for an excuse to buy something I decided that this was the item. For those of you who don't know, the Lush Kitchen is a part of Lush UK that release exclusive products daily. At the end of each working week they release a menu of the items that will be released the following week and on which days those products will be able to be purchased. Now if you live in the UK delivery is fairly cheap.. but if you're like me and live international shipping can get quite expensive, £9.95 to be exact (approx $17 for us Australians). Nevertheless I decided to grab the body lotion since I love the comforter scent alongside a Lava Lamp Bath Bomb which is a part of the regular UK range (and has recently been released in Australia). It took 17 days from when I first made my order for it to arrive at my door which is pretty good considering the distance! Overall I had an excellent experience ordering from the Lush Kitchen and I can't wait to buy more. On to the products!!

The Comforter Body Lotion

This is basically going to be a mini review, but I love this product! When I first opened the box I found that my lotion had spilt a little which was fine because it had been put into a paper bag so it didn't spoil my bath bomb. When I first opened the pot and gave it a sniff I was a little concerned due to it smelling slightly medicinal but when I applied some to my skin that true comforter scent started to shine. You only need a small amount to cover a large area of skin and the scent is just lovely. It smells almost identical to the bubble bar! I found that the scent lingers for ages and is extremely moisturising. It does take a second to absorb but isn't greasy at all. The best thing about this lotion is that it is 100% vegan and cruelty free. This product is just so amazing! I wish I'd brought more, if it comes out again in the kitchen I will most likely be getting another pot. If you also love the comforter scent and want your skin to smell delicious all day long, then I highly recommend picking some up when it comes back to the kitchen!

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

The first thing that hit me with this bath bomb was the scent, it smells like a delicious orange sherbet. It is also a beautiful bright orange with three purple orbs of oil. When placed in the bath, the oils make your bath water appear like an orange and purple lava lamp. I'm really excited to try this one out!

Have you ever ordered from the kitchen?  If so what did you buy and/or what would you love to see appear in the Lush Kitchen? Thanks for reading!

*Photos are from All Things Lush Uk -

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