First Lush Kitchen Order - The Comforter Body Lotion Review

A couple of weeks ago the Lush Kitchen released The Comforter Body Lotion and since I'd been waiting for an excuse to buy something I decided that this was the item. For those of you who don't know, the Lush Kitchen is a part of Lush UK that release exclusive products daily. At the end of each working week they release a menu of the items that will be released the following week and on which days those products will be able to be purchased. Now if you live in the UK delivery is fairly cheap.. but if you're like me and live international shipping can get quite expensive, £9.95 to be exact (approx $17 for us Australians). Nevertheless I decided to grab the body lotion since I love the comforter scent alongside a Lava Lamp Bath Bomb which is a part of the regular UK range (and has recently been released in Australia). It took 17 days from when I first made my order for it to arrive at my door which is pretty good considering the distance! Overall I had an excellent experience ordering from the Lush Kitchen and I can't wait to buy more. On to the products!!
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