Zoella Beauty Review

A couple of months ago I decided to finally order some products from the much loved Zoella Beauty range. I was unsure which of the scents would appeal to me the most so I decided to get a product from each of the collections so I could test out the scents. I bought Soak Opera from the original collection, Foam Sweet Foam from the Tutti Fruity collection and Bath Latte from the newest collection, Sweet Inspirations. As you can see all the products are packaged beautifully and are extremely appealing to the eye. As well as this none of the products are not tested on animals although I'm pretty sure they're not vegan. When I purchased my items Soak Opera and Foam Sweet Foam were reduced slightly but I've provided the recommended retail price (RRP) as the prices do fluctuate quite regularly.


What I read - June 2016

Hey guys, something you probably don't know about me is that reading is something I'm really passionate about. I've been a bookworm all my life and just love how a story can transport you to another worlds and open your eyes to so many new ideas and perspectives. Since I've been trying to make this blog more personal I have decided to write about the books I read during the month of June. I am hoping to make this into a series so I hope you like it!

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