What I Got For Christmas - 2015

Once again another overdue Christmas blog post! It's crazy to think that it's already 2016, It's so weird seeing 2016 everywhere. I don't quite believe it yet. 

So for my first post of 2016 we're going to be diving into what I got for Christmas last year... Sounds like it was such a long time ago! I've picked out a couple of my favourite things I got as gifts, I was also given a laptop which I absolutely love. This in no way meant to be me bragging  I've just loved reading everyone else's "What I Got For Christmas" posts so I hope you enjoy mine :)


Puppy's 3rd Birthday

On the 24th my puppy April celebrated her 3rd birthday. It's been around a year since we adopted her from the RSPCA, she had formerly been abused by her owners and not much else was known about her. April has made amazing progress since she began living with us especially her socialisation with humans. 

For her birthday I made her some doggie cupcakes which Zoella featured on her blog, she absolutely loved them. I highly recommend them if you have a puppy of your own! 
Happy Birthday April! <3

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