The Body Shop Christmas 2015

When I heard that The Body Shop had released their Christmas range I was really excited. I love The Body Shop's products, especially their body butters. This year for Christmas there are three limited edition scents which have been transformed into many different products, soap, shower gel, etc. The three scents are Frosted Plum, Frosted Cranberry and Glazed Apple. The only scent I didn't like was the Glazed Apple. I wanted to pick up both scents I liked in body butter form but Frosted Plum had already sold out so I ended up picking up a Frosted Cranberry body butter and a Frosted Plum soap.

Due to the lighting in this picture the border looks purple, it's actually black (shown in the previous picture) Sorry ;P
I'm probably going to gift the soap so I won't be taking it out of it's packet or reviewing the actual product but the packaging is really eye catching and the scent of the plum is delicious. 

The body butter is amazing, the scent of cranberry is quite strong and I can smell weak hints of alcohol. When applied to the skin it absorbs easily and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. After using the scent lingers and my skin felt smooth and soft. 
This scent to me just screams Christmas and really gets me in the festive mood. With so many different products and gift sets in The Body Shop Christmas range this year I can without a doubt see how they are perfect as stocking stuffers. This product is fair trade and not tested on animals, which makes it a winner in my books. :)

Frosted Cranberry Body Butter
Vegan?: Not sure, it is vegetarian
Price: $23.95

Frosted Plum Soap
Vegan?: Not sure, it is vegetarian
Price: $6.95

As always, for more information on these products go to The Body Shop's website :)


  1. I love the body shop body butters they're the best!

  2. this look so amazing :)
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