Sakura Bath Bomb - Lush Review

The sakura bath bomb is based off the Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring, hence the name sakura which translates to "cherry blossom". I was excited to try it after reading the description on the Lush website which made it sound heavenly.

Sakura is pale pink in colour and is speckled with blue sea salt said to represent the cherry blossoms against the spring sky. It's scented with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. I found the fragrance to be floral and a little musky.

When I popped the bomb into the bath it began to create white and baby pink foam, it dissolved quickly leaving no colour just cloudy water. After the bath bomb dissolved the floral, clean scent stayed strong in the water which caused it to linger for quite a while after drying off. The bath bomb was moisturising, but not so much that I didn't apply moisturiser after my bath.

I enjoyed Sakura, it seemed like more of a mature bath bomb compared to Lush's usual bright colours and glitter. I probably won't be purchasing it again only because it isn't one of my favorites and Lush products are quite expensive (in my opinion).

Vegan?: Yes
Price: $6.50

As always, for more information on the product visit Lush's website. :)


  1. Great post,loved it! :)
    xoxo Antonella :)

  2. i've never tried their bath bombs because i don't really like taking baths, might have to make an exception though!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. I used to never like taking baths either... until I discovered Lush bath bombs! ;P

  3. Every time time I am at Lush I see this bath bomb and always debate on buying it! It looks like it would be a nice calming bath and like you said not a crazy one!

    Shannon Sage

  4. Sakura was one of the first Lush products I had ever tried! I really liked it, though I wish it added colour to the water. I picked it at random, so when my skin felt super soft it was a really pleasant surprise.


    1. I 100% agree with you, if it turned the water pink or any colour really.. it would just make it that little bit more special! (:


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