Magic Wand Bubble Bar - Lush Review

I picked up this little beauty a month or so ago and have been really wanting to test it out. This is the first bubble bar I've tried from Lush and I was pleasantly surprised. The product is on a stick so it can be used multiple times, with a cute little bell (adorable). Before coming into contact with any water the bubble bar had a very strong snow fairy scent, which I'm not a huge fan of. I was a little concerned that this would impact how I felt about the product.

To use, I simply waved it around in the bath whilst the water was still running and beautiful bubbles started to form. It created more bubbles than expected, and turned the water a milky pink with a tiny shimmer of glitter. The scent wasn't as strong once it was in the water which I really enjoyed. I'm hoping to get quite a few more baths out of this bar, but we shall see! I found the bubble bar quite moisturising and the scent lingered on my skin for a couple of hours after popping out of the bath.

I'm unsure on how to go about storing the product, I understand it has to be in a dry place to stop moisture shrinking the bar any further, but it's quite hard to just sit it somewhere when whilst it's drying pink colouring leaks out of the bar. For now I just have it sitting on some paper towel to prevent any staining. Suggestions on how to store it would be appreciated :)

Overall I can defiantly see how this product could be really fun for kids or just those young at heart, there's something mystical and exciting about waving a wand into your bath and watching bubbles magically appear! I'll absolutely be purchasing more of these as gifts and maybe another for myself before the festive season is up.

Vegan?: Yes
Price: $10.50


  1. amazing review I love LUSH :)
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  2. Right, I'm definitely getting this ♥


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