Birthday Lush Haul

My birthday was on the 16th and I was given quite a few Lush products. Here are my first impressions of each of them, I'm planning to do a full review on each of the full sized products. As I didn't get around to posting this before Christmas I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate it then a wonderful holiday season!

+ Luxury Lush Pud ($7.50)
This would have to be my favourite bath bomb of the ones I've tried. It's beautifully multi coloured making bath time super fun and is scented with lavender and other relaxing floral scents!

+ Mask of Magnaminty ($16.95)
This is the first face mask I've ever owned and I have tried it a couple of times since receiving it. The scent of mint is super strong and the product is thick and earthy green in colour. 

+ Popcorn Lip Scrub ($9.95)
This is a sugar and salt lip scrub which smells like popcorn, but had a caramel taste to it. The scrub is self preserving and lasts around a year which is really great considering how many uses can come out of the tiny jar!

+ Butterball Bath Bomb ($5.95)
One of the smaller 100g bath bombs, butterball is just plain white. It smells a little musky but I can't really distinguish any one scent, it just smells like Lush to me. Butterball guarantees to soften the skin so I'm looking forward to testing it out.

I was given three generous sized free samples that came with the online order.

+ Santa Fun ($9.95)

I was given a section of the red from the Santa Fun bar, it smells beautifully floral which I wasn't expecting! When you buy the whole bar you get black, white, gold and red Fun which you can shape and use however you want. I really love the scent and wish I'd gotten the chance to buy a full sized bar.

+ Ice Blue Soap ($5.95 for 100g)
I wasn't a fan of the scent of this soap, it smelt of peppermint just as described and was a beautiful blue colour. I ended up giving it to a friend since it was such a generous sized sample of soap. 

+ Helping Hands Hand Cream ($19.50 for 100g)

This isn't a product I would've thought to pick up for myself since I don't usually use hand cream but this product is just beautiful. It has a lovely scent and I just really like it! It is quite pricey for a full tub but I definitely think it'd be worth it due to how long 100g would last and just the quality of the product!

As always for full descriptions of the products check out the Lush website!


  1. I love lush - such a great brand and so many wonderful products too! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! :)

    Layla xx

    1. I hope you had an amazing Christmas too! (:

  2. Love the Luxury Lush Pud!!! I want to try it out because it looks AWESOME :D

  3. I love Lush hauls :) you got so many amazing products xx

  4. I really need to try out the face mask! Gorgeous haul! Well done!

  5. Can't imagine how the popcorn lip scrub smells like :D but loving the Mask of Magnaminty. Thinking about trying it myself :)

  6. I really want to try the popcorn lip scrub, it smells amazing! I love the Mask of Magnaminty as well, I use it quite regularly. Happy belated birthday!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. You should try it! and thank you so much ((: x


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