The Beginning of My Lush Addiction.

Over the last year or so I’ve been introduced to the wonderful world of Lush thanks to beauty bloggers and vloggers online. Sadly I hadn’t had the chance to try any products out for myself until recently due to the two hour drive separating me and the nearest store. 
A few weeks ago I finally had the chance to go into a Lush store and pick out some bits and bobs. Unfortunately most of the products I had on my list were sold out due to all the new Christmas stock so I just ended up with three bath bombs and one bubble bar. Here are the four items I brought!!

+ Dashing Santa Bath Bomb ($6.25) - part of the Christmas collection for 2015, this little Santa is absolutely adorable with a citrus scent and a sprinkling of gold glitter.

 + Rose Queen Bath Bomb ($5.50) - I absolutely love the scent of roses and this bath bomb smells amazing! I believe there are rose petals inside that emerge after it’s been popped into the bath.

+ Magic Wand ($10.50) - This is one of Lush’s limited edition reusable bubble bars. It has a sweet candy like scent (yummy). I love the presentation of this bubble bar with the little ribbon and bell.

+ Sakura Bath Bomb ($6.75) - As the name suggests this bomb is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom in Spring. This bomb has a lovely floral fragrance. 

I love that Lush is actively fighting against animal testing and that most of their products are vegan. I’m really excited to try out each of the products and possibly review them. For better descriptions of the products be sure to check out the Lush website! :)
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