Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - Lush Review

♫  He's making a list, checking it twice; Gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town! ♫ 
It's finally November, which means it's almost Christmas time! The year really has sped by. I'm usually a bit of a Scrooge around Christmas, but this year I'm really trying to be more of a snow fairy!(;(Lush reference).

To get myself into the Christmasy spirit I tried out Lush's Dashing Santa bath bomb. Lush describes this bath bomb as "His fast, fizzing golden boots will have him dashing around your bath filling it with citrus essential oils and the scent of satsumas this Christmas. Toning Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Flower to boot will leave you feeling cheerful and uplifted." Now I have to agree that he did have a slight citrus scent but he also smelt a little like sherbet (yummy), nine out of ten in the scent category. I really liked the fragrance. 

Now the fun part, popping him into the bath! This little bath bomb took around 10 minutes to fully dissolve! Ironic considering the name "Dashing Santa", I really thought he would dash around the tub and be gone in a minute or two. The bomb let out bursts of red, gold and white and once the water finally settled it was left an orangey colour with a little bit of shimmer. I wasn't a fan of the orange, I think a red would've been nicer. Sadly the scent was dulled once Santa entered the water and didn't last very long meaning it didn't linger on my skin. The bath bomb made my skin feel soft but wasn't overly moisturising. 

Overall I liked this bath bomb enough to go out and buy a couple more due to how much I liked the scent. I'd give it a six out of ten star rating. Thanks for reading and as always, check out the lush website for better descriptions of the product. 


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