Gingerbread House

I was planning to make a gingerbread house before Christmas but unfortunately I didn't get around to making gingerbread or buying a kit. So yesterday I was in Spotlight and they had 70% off of all their Christmas stock so I was able to pick up a gingerbread house kit for $5, reduced from 20 *score*. My brother helped me decorate for the first fifteen minutes but then got bored and went to play outside, which is typical. I didn't taste any of the gingerbread but according to my brother it was yummy. Gingerbread houses are one of my favourite parts of the festive season even if I did make it a little late! But hey, it's still December! 


Birthday Lush Haul

My birthday was on the 16th and I was given quite a few Lush products. Here are my first impressions of each of them, I'm planning to do a full review on each of the full sized products. As I didn't get around to posting this before Christmas I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate it then a wonderful holiday season!


Christmas Tag!

I was browsing through blogs where I came across a girls blog where she had done a Christmas Tag, which I thought would be a fun idea to try out! I'll put the questions at the bottom of this post so if you'd like to do the tag yourself it's easier to copy the questions. 
Be sure to comment down below if you do try the tag so I can check it out!


Vegan Sugar Cookies

Zoella recently posted on her blog a recipe for sugar cookies, I had never tried nor made sugar cookies so I decided to give it a shot. I used her recipe but substituted ingredients for vegan alternatives. They turned out amazing, I love the way they look and taste! Perfect with a cup of tea or to leave out for Santa! Happy baking! x


Sakura Bath Bomb - Lush Review

The sakura bath bomb is based off the Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom in the spring, hence the name sakura which translates to "cherry blossom". I was excited to try it after reading the description on the Lush website which made it sound heavenly.

Sakura is pale pink in colour and is speckled with blue sea salt said to represent the cherry blossoms against the spring sky. It's scented with jasmine, mimosa and orange blossom. I found the fragrance to be floral and a little musky.

When I popped the bomb into the bath it began to create white and baby pink foam, it dissolved quickly leaving no colour just cloudy water. After the bath bomb dissolved the floral, clean scent stayed strong in the water which caused it to linger for quite a while after drying off. The bath bomb was moisturising, but not so much that I didn't apply moisturiser after my bath.

I enjoyed Sakura, it seemed like more of a mature bath bomb compared to Lush's usual bright colours and glitter. I probably won't be purchasing it again only because it isn't one of my favorites and Lush products are quite expensive (in my opinion).

Vegan?: Yes
Price: $6.50

As always, for more information on the product visit Lush's website. :)

The Body Shop Christmas 2015

When I heard that The Body Shop had released their Christmas range I was really excited. I love The Body Shop's products, especially their body butters. This year for Christmas there are three limited edition scents which have been transformed into many different products, soap, shower gel, etc. The three scents are Frosted Plum, Frosted Cranberry and Glazed Apple. The only scent I didn't like was the Glazed Apple. I wanted to pick up both scents I liked in body butter form but Frosted Plum had already sold out so I ended up picking up a Frosted Cranberry body butter and a Frosted Plum soap.

Due to the lighting in this picture the border looks purple, it's actually black (shown in the previous picture) Sorry ;P
I'm probably going to gift the soap so I won't be taking it out of it's packet or reviewing the actual product but the packaging is really eye catching and the scent of the plum is delicious. 

The body butter is amazing, the scent of cranberry is quite strong and I can smell weak hints of alcohol. When applied to the skin it absorbs easily and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. After using the scent lingers and my skin felt smooth and soft. 
This scent to me just screams Christmas and really gets me in the festive mood. With so many different products and gift sets in The Body Shop Christmas range this year I can without a doubt see how they are perfect as stocking stuffers. This product is fair trade and not tested on animals, which makes it a winner in my books. :)

Frosted Cranberry Body Butter
Vegan?: Not sure, it is vegetarian
Price: $23.95

Frosted Plum Soap
Vegan?: Not sure, it is vegetarian
Price: $6.95

As always, for more information on these products go to The Body Shop's website :)

Magic Wand Bubble Bar - Lush Review

I picked up this little beauty a month or so ago and have been really wanting to test it out. This is the first bubble bar I've tried from Lush and I was pleasantly surprised. The product is on a stick so it can be used multiple times, with a cute little bell (adorable). Before coming into contact with any water the bubble bar had a very strong snow fairy scent, which I'm not a huge fan of. I was a little concerned that this would impact how I felt about the product.

To use, I simply waved it around in the bath whilst the water was still running and beautiful bubbles started to form. It created more bubbles than expected, and turned the water a milky pink with a tiny shimmer of glitter. The scent wasn't as strong once it was in the water which I really enjoyed. I'm hoping to get quite a few more baths out of this bar, but we shall see! I found the bubble bar quite moisturising and the scent lingered on my skin for a couple of hours after popping out of the bath.

I'm unsure on how to go about storing the product, I understand it has to be in a dry place to stop moisture shrinking the bar any further, but it's quite hard to just sit it somewhere when whilst it's drying pink colouring leaks out of the bar. For now I just have it sitting on some paper towel to prevent any staining. Suggestions on how to store it would be appreciated :)

Overall I can defiantly see how this product could be really fun for kids or just those young at heart, there's something mystical and exciting about waving a wand into your bath and watching bubbles magically appear! I'll absolutely be purchasing more of these as gifts and maybe another for myself before the festive season is up.

Vegan?: Yes
Price: $10.50


November Playlist 2015

Here are just a few of my favorite songs I've been blasting on repeat for the past couple of weeks! (Yes, I'm absolutely loving Troye Sivan's music at the moment)

Hello - Adele
Bite - Troye Sivan
Wild - Troye Sivan
Fools - Troye Sivan
Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan
Fight Song - Rachel Platten
Cake - Melanie Martinez
Dollhouse - Melanie Martinez
Inside The Fire - Disturbed
This Is Gospel - Panic! At The Disco


My Lush Christmas Wish List 2015

Christmas is just around the corner so it's the perfect time to start writing out a list of products I would love to buy as a little gift for either myself or family/friends. Most of these products I have never tried before, I just think that they sound amazing (I read a lot of Lush review blogs). Anyways here is the list..

The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar ($10.95)

I am so excited about this bubble bar, it apparently smells of cinnamon and cloves which just sounds delicious. I love the Christmasy scents and I believe this will be one of my favorites.

Rose Jam Shower Gel ($9.95 - $31.50)

A rose scented shower gel.. need I say more?!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar ($10.95)

This little guy is so cute, this bubble bar contains moisturising shea and cocoa butter.

Cinders Bath Ballistic ($5.95)

This bath bomb has popping candy on top to imitate the sound of a crackling fire and is scented with almond and cinnamon oil. I think it would pair perfectly with The Magic Of Christmas bubble bar.

Baked Alaska Snowball Soap ($7.50)

This soap is based off a baked alaska, hence the name and is absolutely beautiful with bubbles of colour throughout the soap. It has a citrusy fragrance.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb ($8.50)

Gold on the outside, blue on the inside. This bath bomb leaves your water a beautiful vibrant blue and contains little stars packaged inside.

All photos are taken from the Lush website, as always for descriptions on each of the products shown visit the Lush website.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb - Lush Review

♫  He's making a list, checking it twice; Gonna find out who's naughty or nice. Santa Claus is coming to town! ♫ 
It's finally November, which means it's almost Christmas time! The year really has sped by. I'm usually a bit of a Scrooge around Christmas, but this year I'm really trying to be more of a snow fairy!(;(Lush reference).

To get myself into the Christmasy spirit I tried out Lush's Dashing Santa bath bomb. Lush describes this bath bomb as "His fast, fizzing golden boots will have him dashing around your bath filling it with citrus essential oils and the scent of satsumas this Christmas. Toning Mandarin, Bergamot and Orange Flower to boot will leave you feeling cheerful and uplifted." Now I have to agree that he did have a slight citrus scent but he also smelt a little like sherbet (yummy), nine out of ten in the scent category. I really liked the fragrance. 

Now the fun part, popping him into the bath! This little bath bomb took around 10 minutes to fully dissolve! Ironic considering the name "Dashing Santa", I really thought he would dash around the tub and be gone in a minute or two. The bomb let out bursts of red, gold and white and once the water finally settled it was left an orangey colour with a little bit of shimmer. I wasn't a fan of the orange, I think a red would've been nicer. Sadly the scent was dulled once Santa entered the water and didn't last very long meaning it didn't linger on my skin. The bath bomb made my skin feel soft but wasn't overly moisturising. 

Overall I liked this bath bomb enough to go out and buy a couple more due to how much I liked the scent. I'd give it a six out of ten star rating. Thanks for reading and as always, check out the lush website for better descriptions of the product. 


Double Mango Product Review!!

-DISCLAMER- I am in no way a professional reviewer, just a girl with an opinion which may differ from your own.

With summer fast approaching here in Australia, I decided to review two products that I have been using for a while. I find that "fruity" or "citrus" scents are my favorites to have during the warmer months especially mango. Mango is one of my favorite fruits to eat and smell.. (is that weird)? Long story short, here's my review!

Original Source Mango Shower Gel ($2 - $4)

First Look: The colour of the gel is a bright orangey-yellow, the product smells delicious and the packaging is simple and practical which I personally love.

After Use: I didn't find anything about this product really stand out, it didn't make my skin feel moisturised, and the mango scent washed off in the shower. On the other hand the gel did clean well and made me feel refreshed.

Overall I think this is a good shower gel for the price and it's widely available in Australia. It does what it's supposed to and didn't dry out my skin or cause any negative reactions (I have quite sensitive skin). I'll continue to buy Original Source shower gels due to the price and because their products aren't tested on animals.


  • Cheap
  • Vegan
  • No animal testing
  • Natural fragrance
  • Nice packaging
  • Fragrance washes off

Body Shop Mango Body Butter ($8 - $24)

First Look: Product is moderately thick and pale yellow in colour. Has a strong mango scent. Packaging works well with the body butter.

After Use: The body butter is super moisturising, scent is delicious and makes my skin glow.

Overall I love this body butter, I find that it hydrates my skin making it feel smooth and soft. I also love that the mango scent lingers leaving my skin smelling amazing! The only downside to this product is the price at $23.95 for 200ml which is a reasonable size but doesn't last that long. The lowest price is $8 for 50ml which is pretty good if you're just wanting to buy the product to test it out yourself!

  • Moisturising
  • Strong scen
  • No animal testing (stated on the Australian website, unsure of other countries)
  • Nice packaging

  • Pricey


The Beginning of My Lush Addiction.

Over the last year or so I’ve been introduced to the wonderful world of Lush thanks to beauty bloggers and vloggers online. Sadly I hadn’t had the chance to try any products out for myself until recently due to the two hour drive separating me and the nearest store. 
A few weeks ago I finally had the chance to go into a Lush store and pick out some bits and bobs. Unfortunately most of the products I had on my list were sold out due to all the new Christmas stock so I just ended up with three bath bombs and one bubble bar. Here are the four items I brought!!

+ Dashing Santa Bath Bomb ($6.25) - part of the Christmas collection for 2015, this little Santa is absolutely adorable with a citrus scent and a sprinkling of gold glitter.

 + Rose Queen Bath Bomb ($5.50) - I absolutely love the scent of roses and this bath bomb smells amazing! I believe there are rose petals inside that emerge after it’s been popped into the bath.

+ Magic Wand ($10.50) - This is one of Lush’s limited edition reusable bubble bars. It has a sweet candy like scent (yummy). I love the presentation of this bubble bar with the little ribbon and bell.

+ Sakura Bath Bomb ($6.75) - As the name suggests this bomb is inspired by the Japanese cherry blossoms that bloom in Spring. This bomb has a lovely floral fragrance. 

I love that Lush is actively fighting against animal testing and that most of their products are vegan. I’m really excited to try out each of the products and possibly review them. For better descriptions of the products be sure to check out the Lush website! :)
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